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Davis Boyd Memorial Foundation

Davis Boyd and Brian Anderson Co-Founded The International Skiing Fellowship of Rotarians (ISFR) in the early 1970s as a social fellowship of Rotary International. Each year, ISFR members travel to a different ski resort in North America for a week of skiing, fun, and friendship and create Rotary International awareness.

In the late 1990s, ISFR established the Davis Boyd Memorial Foundation (DBMF) to expand its reach further. The focus of the foundation is to raise funds for adaptive ski programs. DBMF is a United States Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) charity.  

During ISFR’s annual ski week, DBMF holds various fundraisers (Peak-to-Valley Challenges with sponsor support and member-sponsored auctions, to name just two) to raise money. They donate a portion of the funds to the local adaptive ski program.

The Foundation holds the balance in an investment account. The purpose of these funds is to provide money to train “trainers” at adaptive ski schools, facilitate the purchase of adaptive ski equipment for targeted programs worldwide, and raise awareness of adaptive skiing benefits for physically and mentally challenged athletes and war veterans.

Skiing is not just a sport: it can be a therapeutic experience that “creates life-changing opportunities by encouraging participation in activities designed to redefine limits, recognize abilities, and transfer newfound courage to everyday life.” ~ Challenge Aspen

Past recipients of DBMF Grants include (linked to their websites):

See the 2023 Fundraising Request from President Jeff Coup to all members (Attached Here)

The Davis Boyd Memorial Foundation is lead by a Board of Trustees (separate from ISFR). You may reach out to the President Jeff Coup for additional information about the foundation.

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